Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fru-Gal Column December 23

This week I made a very rare appearance at the mall. I had to bring someone to do some shopping so off to the mall we went. Sears had a coupon good only two days for $10 off $20 purchase on apparel. This I thought was a great high value coupon. When we were checking out I had printed two coupons one for each of us. I thought even though it was her purchase I would break it up two ways to redeem two of the coupons. When checking out we said hello to our cashier asking her if she was having a good day. I don’t know if this was the trigger of her generous offering but she let us break our purchase into five purchases using the $10 coupon five times ultimately saving my friend $50. When I teach my classes I have heard some bad stories along with good couponing experiences. In all my years of couponing I would have to say that I have had much more positive experiences than negative experiences. Let’s take a quick lesson in Couponing Etiquette 101.

1. Be organized when you get to the register. I tend to use the self- scan register so I can check prices as I go. You would be surprised how many times items ring up wrong. If you use a cashier, be friendly. He or She is the person whom may have to put a little extra effort into making sure your coupons work. So be friendly. It is helpful for the cashier to have any items that are going to be free say for example buy one get one free coupons be at the end of the checkout. The cashier will have to go through the register tape to find the original price of that item so if it is at the end not so much work for them.
2. Trying to get one over on a cashier is dishonest. Make sure you have the right item for your coupon. Size can be a factor whether the coupon may work or having the appropriate quantity. You may have to look at some fine print on the coupon. If a coupon beeps at the register tell the cashier politely that you do have the item does he want to see it. If he doesn’t want to honor the coupon and you do have the item, ask to see the store manager. Most of the time a store wants you to leave happy. They will work with you but being respectful will always be a plus.
3. I tell people that when you are walking through a store there are many opportunities to get coupons from blinkies, tearpads or peelies. There is no reason you need to take all of them. Be polite and take a few. You will even see people leaving coupons with items for the next person to benefit from. I have myself have given coupons to someone that I have seen buying an item when I have a couple extra share the wealth.
4. When printing coupons online you can sometimes print multiple copies but each time there is usually a unique access or security code, this is there to stop you from going to a copying machine. Using coupons as the manufacturer intended will only help couponers receive more online coupon deals on products.
5. Don’t become a shelf clearer. I know it is tempting to wipe a shelf out but remember someone else may need the product also.
6. I get asked if I feel uncomfortable when I go to checkout with many coupons. It doesn’t take much time if you use the above tips. I have said sorry to someone behind me when I have had to hold the line up. I do want to emphasize that this is your hard earned money. You put effort into couponing don’t be embarrassed to ask for a manager or hold up a line for a short time.

I want to wish all my readers a wonderful holiday season. Remember that it is a season of giving not who got the most presents or the most expensive gift. Giving of the heart can be rewarding.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fru-Gal Update December 22

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Fru-Gal Update December 19

Sorry for not posting for a couple of days. I was visiting my niece and nephews for the holidays. I wanted to tell you my highlight for the weekend was when I had Santa call my seven year old niece on the phone. This was a free service that I posted in my column on Thursday. Her eyes were so wide and she couldn't believe that Santa called her. As I say over and over again something free can make a priceless memory.

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