Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frugal Column Herald Leader May 19

Have you seen the show on TLC called “Extreme Couponing”? I think anyone that has ever used coupons has watched at least one episode. I watched two and that was all I could take. What bothers me about the show is it is a TV show. When is the last time you went into a store and saw a hundred bottles of mustard on the shelf or over fifty toothbrushes of one brand? You don’t. These are all staged for the show. I am getting more responses to my column because of the show but I want to put you back in real reality. What I am trying to teach you is a saving lifestyle, to think before you buy. You may not go into a store and get 90 percent off your shopping trip but I get you 50 percent off without spending a whole lot of time. Do you have to put time into couponing? I would love to tell you don’t, but you do. On the TV show some of the couponers put at least 40 hours a week towards finding shopping deals. I took a class in school called the One Minute Manager where you were accountable for all your time. You would not believe how much time is wasted throughout the day that you can sort your coupons, cut your coupons or simply just study your sales flyers to get ready to shop. This is where you need to get Extreme Couponing out of your head. Even a small savings a week can add up. This week at Rite Aid you can get toothbrushes for free, laundry detergent for $1 and air fresheners for $1 then go to CVS to get brownie mix for 50 cents, lots of different shampoo and conditioners for $1.50 plus much more. Take one lunch break a week to go out and get these savings. Save $5 a week. I know it is easier just to go out and buy what you need not looking at the price but I don’t know about you but my money is tight. It is important for me to spend and save it when I can. So don’t get frustrated that you save just 50% off because you are waiting for the day the crowd watches you at the register and cheers you on for your saving. Just put that smile on your face when you walk out of the store knowing you saved money and ready for your next deal. If you want a little help starting your couponing saving journey join me and the Fayette County Homemakers at Eagle Creek Library on May 26th at 6:30pm. We will help you learn the benefits of using coupons for purchasing things your family really needs. Call (859) 231-5560 to register. Let’s all get together as a community and start learning how to save.

I am also speaking at The Somerset branch of Pulaski County Public Library on May 28 starting at 1pm and the Shopville branch in Pulaski County starting at 10am on May 28. If you are from Winchester, I will be speaking on June 8 starting 10am at The Clark County Public Library.

One other way of saving money is using mail in rebates. These rebates are offered by the stores as an incentive to buy that product. You do have to mail in the rebate form along with your receipt and any other paperwork they need. Remember about 80% of rebates do not get mailed in. Get in a habit of sending in the rebate the same day.

Kohls- offers many rebates every month on a wide range of products. Sometimes these products are even on sale giving you an added bonus.

Ace Hardware- Every month Ace offers new rebates. Look at what is being offered in May.

Activia- Receive up to $6 when you purchase any Activia yogurt.

Valvoline- Get a free case of Valvoline VR1 Racing Synthetic Motor Oil after mail in rebate (up to $50)

Tyson products- Purchase up to three Tyson Chicken Nuggets and or Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips and you can receive a free Kodak Photo Book, Free Fun Pass or a free Salon treatment.

Florida Citrus- Get a free Florida Citrus Cookbook when you purchase Florida oranges, tangerines or grapefruit.

Florida Grapefruit- Purchase 3 pounds or large of Florida grapefruit and receive a free grapefruit spoon.

Elmers- Receive $5 back when you purchase a Project Popperz Accesory and Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board.

NeilMed- Buy any two of the same NetiPot products at Walmart, Sam’s Club or Kmart and get one of them free.

Green Earth Technologies- Purchase a 5-qt bottle of G-Oil, SW-30 Bio-based, full synthetic “green” motor oil and get a rebate for the full purchase price (up to $26)

Woolite- Receive a free sample of Woolite Dry Cleaner when you submit a recent dry cleaner receipt.

Invisible Glass- Get $3 back with any purchase of Invisible Glass.

Kellogg’s- Get a two week Challenge Workout DVD when you collect five stamps from Kellogg’s Special K products.

Filtrete- Receive a $3 rebate when you purchase a Filtrete High Performance Filter with Microparticle.

Scotch Brite- Receive a free tote bag with any two purchases of Scotch Brite Greener Clean product. They even give you a $1 coupon to use.

Real Simple- Buy one of the qualifying products from Rite Aid to receive a free purse hook from Real Simple.

Thompson- Get up to $24 rebate when you purchase Thompson Deck and House Water Sealer product.

Pringles- Get a free Pringles Can Speaker by mail when you buy four Super Stack Pringles Cans.

Finesse- Buy any Finesse hair care product and receive $2 back by mail.

American Gas- Purchase a new AmeriGas propane cylinder and receive $5 rebate back by mail. Receive $4 back when you exchange a AmeriGas propane tank.

Blue Rhino- Purchase a new or exchange for a BlueRhino propane tank to receive $3 back by mail.

Bayer Advanced- Purchase any one Bayer Advanced lawn product and receive a $3 rebate.
By Nature- Purchase a 3.5, 4 or 6 pound bag of By Nature natural pet food and get it for FREE (up to $12.99) after mail in rebate.

Dickies- Buy a pair of Dickies short and receive a $5 rebate by mail.

Kellogg’s- Get a $10 Gas Reward card when you purchase ten participating Kellogg’s products.

TEXT Deals to 727272 every day thru May 25th for a new discount code to use at any Redbox kiosk.

Make Dad a nice Father’s Day Photo Book from Snapfish for just $15 shipped. Just use promotional code BOOK4MAY at checkout.

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