Thursday, August 18, 2011

Frugal Forum Column and lots of extras August 18

Everything that a supermarket does from the time you read their sales flyer to when you enter the store is focused on the consumer behavior to spend money. I can give you all the tips and advice I know but you as the consumer has to be responsible to stop impulse buying. I personally do not believe in making a shopping list but I can go into a store and just purchase the items I feel are a good deal. How do you as a consumer fight the impulse to buy? Let’s learn some of the grocery markets tricks so you can beat them at their own game by becoming an informed consumer. Don’t let the store marketers win, you can fight back! The floor plan of a grocery store is thought out carefully so that the items you buy every week are positioned at the back of the store. This means when you are going in to buy a gallon of milk, butter or meat you have to walk around a good percentage of the store. Supermarkets know that as people walk around they will see other items that they will impulsively want to buy. Just think when you walk into a store what is usually the first thing you see- flowers, they enhance the image of the store and give the consumer a feeling of pretty, fresh and smells wonderful. This feeling makes the consumer thinks that the produce is fresh and appetizing. When buying produce reach to the back or top to buy the freshest. Buy produce during the week, since most deliveries are Monday thru Friday. Shelf placement is a trick stores use to place the most profitable items at eye level. The best bargains are usually high up on the top shelf where store and private label brands then oversize bulk items are placed on the bottom. Always check the top and bottom shelves when you are walking down an aisle this is where you will also see items marked closeouts, clearance or discontinued with significant discounts. Product manufacturers pay for end cap displays (the end of the aisle) to advertise a new or popular product. These displays don’t always mean a discount, a lot of times, these displays are only new items or in season items. Don’t forget kid’s eye level. Products with kids appeal will be placed at their level. Just something else you will have to deal with when shopping. Tip: Leave the kids home if possible. On weekends you see more and more product sampling throughout stores. These sampling stations want you to try the product get a coupon then buy the product. The fastest way to get items you were not planning on buying is shopping when you are hungry. Stores will often have fresh smells like bread or cooked chicken lingering in the air around meal times to kick start peoples appetites. Advertised sales might use certain terms to make you think you are getting the best deal or that you have to buy a certain amount. I can’t tell you how many people think when an item says 10 for $10 they think they have to buy ten of that item. What that deal indicates is each item is just $1. When Kroger advertises buy one get one free you don’t need to buy two items what actually happens at the register is each item is marked down 50%. Sometimes you will see in a sales flyer you can only purchase a limited quantity. Stores institute the caps so more people can purchase the great deal or because they want you to believe that it is a good deal. Many consumers will believe that because of the quantity limits they should purchase more of this great deal than they normally would. Keep an eye on shrinking products that still cost the same. The fix is know your prices, starting a price book of the products you use everyday can help you determine whether the actual sale price is a good price. The registers have the most profitable items on display for you to purchase while you wait. Don’t be lured into this trap. Every product or display in a store has a reason for being and looking as it does. Department store floor plans have the same purpose of keeping you browsing for as long as possible giving you more opportunity to make a purchase. When you walk into many department stores you walk right into their cosmetic and perfume counters. These items have the highest profit margin in the store. Women do most of the shopping so when you are looking for the women‘s department you most likely will have to travel a through a couple of floors giving you time to browse. Did you ever find a dressing room right in plain sight? They make you walk around to look for them while passing by other merchandise. No store can make you buy anything, you are the ultimate consumer. Be responsible for your money.

Until August 21 print out coupon and redeem for FREE Dim Sum or Street Fare item with any food purchase at P. F. Changs between 3pm to 6pm.

Redbox is having a 10 deals for 10 days promotion. Just text DEALS to 727272 to receive a free deal a day until August 24.

Get a free Southern Living Cookbook when you purchase at least $15 in qualifying products.

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library gives a free book each month to kids ages 5 and under. To sign up, just visit website click on “first time visiter”. Next you will need to choose to enroll your child then register for the program.

Ever wonder if your child how your child is developing? United Way wants to help you understand more about your child’s development from his/her first month through five years of age. Sign up to get your Ages & Stages Questionnaire at or call 211 to request the program over the phone.

Want to see if you can afford your own home. Attend a REACH Homebuyer Orientation, 733 Red Mile Rd. every Tuesday and Wednesday at 5pm to see if you qualify for assistance with down payments and closing costs. Call (859) 455-8057 for more information.

Free Community Event at MoonDance, 152 Monarch Street September 10 from 4pm to 8pm. Celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival presented by Kentucky Chinese American Association.

Discovery Night at The Living Arts & Science Center 362 N. Martin Luther King Blvd. Thursday, September 1st starting at 6pm. Learn about the history and importance of medicinal plants from Rob Paratley, curator of the University of Kentucky Herbarium. Cost is a donation of $1 for children under 12 and $2 for children 12 years and up. Call (859) 252-5222 for reservations.

Free 8x10 Collage at Walgreens good until Ausgust 20 just use promotional code PRINTONE and pick up at store making it FREE

j.jill is offering $20 off your purchase of a regular priced pair of jeans. Just enter promotional code DENIM8 at checkout plus free shipping.

Like Benjamin Moore on their facebook page and get a free pint sample of Arborcoat

Free Oasis Welcome Kit that includes a set of exercise bands for sample at-home Osteoarthritis exercise and exercise sheet for Osteoarthritis of the knee

Free one year subscription to Chevy Performance magazine

Free USB fan from Air Performance Heating

This Friday only get Organic Cantaloupe two for $3 at Whole Foods.

This looks like so much fun for the kids. Whole Foods is offering a kid’s cooking class on Saturday, August 20th from 10:30am to 11:30 am for FREE. They will be making a healthier version of Banana Oat Cookies. Just email to register.

If you are thinking of going to the movies this weekend check out Cinemark’s weekend coupon. Free small drink with purchase of a Sour Patch Kids Candy

Take an extra 15% off your total purchase at Kohl’s thru August 25

Just saw this deal at Kohl’s but only in a size 11- Nike Air Pegasus+ 27 High Performance Running Shoe originally $90 now only $18

Payless is having a sale for buy one get one 50% off and get an extra 30% off when you use promotional code 53833. If you have a local Payless shoe store you can have them shipped there for free.

Shop at and save 30% off plus free shipping with promotional code 828200

Kid’s eat free with one adult buffet purchase at CiCi’s Pizza coupon

Print off a buy one get one free coupon for MetroMint beverage. They are on sale at Kroger for 99 cents but if you pair the coupon with the Mega Sale which bring the bottle down to 49 cents you should get two for free. (they should deduct 99 cents the price before the mega sale discount- some cashier will only deduct 49 cents both most will deduct 99 cents) This coupon is coming and going to print it now if you want it.

Ocean Spray’s facebook page has $1 coupons for Sparkling Juice Drinks. I think these are also megadeal at Kroger for $1.99 making them 99 cents after coupon.

Get coupon for $1 off any Post-It purchase of $5 or more!PMg245TDGnUFBgIAAAAGCgFICgc4NTIxMjU1Cgg3MDMyODM5NAkACoTaCgkxMTUwNjU1MTUKDTIwMTEwODEwX1BfU0c=?FIRST_NAME=deb&WT.mc_ID=8521255-24773933

Get $10 off and free shipping on 8x8, 8.5x11, 11x14 and 12x12 Classic Photo books from Picaboo just enter promotional code AUSTEN at checkout. Good until August 23rd.

My husband only uses Zantac 150 for his heartburn. I love these samples easy to put in a pocket. Hopefully they will send some good coupons with the sample.

The High Bridge Homecoming Festival is an annual family-friendly FREE event the third weekend of August held at High Bridge Park 5 miles southwest of Wilmore off US 29/High Bridge Road. This year's festival, August 19-21, celebrates the 100th anniversary of High Bridge!

Festivities include Arts & Crafts, Food Vendors, Demonstrations, Dix River Tours, Car Show, Model Train Exhibit, Children’s Craft Time, Corn Hole Tournament, Park Museum, Silent Auctions, Dessert Auction, Variety of Live Music, Saturday Night Dance, and Lions Pride Martial Arts Demonstrations.

Free Public Parking and Free Admission.

Friday 5:00-10:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Sunday 12:30-5:00 pm

A complete schedule of events can be found at or "like" us on Facebook. It's a fun time for everyone and proceeds from the raffle go towards repairing the roof on the volunteer fire house/community center.

Print out $5 coupon when you buy any ThermaCare and Advil product together. It doesn’t say no trial size and it seems at Walmart you can get 1 Advil pocket pack for $1.84 and 1 Thermacare 2 pack for $2.19 making it just 97 cents for two.

$2 coupon for COMBAT products - get rid of those ants

$1 coupon for any STP product on their facebook page

Get your free sample of Honey Nut Cheerios plus a coupon

Rite Aid Deal
They have their brand three pack of scotch tape on sale for buy one get one free. They cost $3.69 but they have one of their single check rebates for this sale worth $3 so you end up after rebate buy 69 cents for six rolls of tape. Check out the rebate book right next to flyers in front of store.

This is for all my New England fans get a free Olympia Sports (they are only located in the northeast) with coupon

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