Sunday, October 2, 2011

Frugal Column

Here we go with another season of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” show. The television show has created an overwhelming interest in couponing with thousands of people now for the first time ever clipping coupons. This show could have been a positive way for people to learn how to save money instead it became a show that portrays the negative examples of couponing. I would love to say what happens on the show can actually be reality but it is not. During the show you will see consumers buying up to $1000 worth of products for around $10. What you don’t see is some of the misleading tactics used to get this high value of savings. Remember just because it is on television doesn’t mean it is right. In past shows participates where using expired coupons along with matching coupons with the wrong product. Sometimes the cash registers don’t beep allowing expired coupons to go through but remember a store does not get reimbursed for these coupons not a practice that I teach anyone to try. Whether you are a seasoned couponer or just a beginner follow these coupon etiquette lessons on the unspoken rules of couponing.
Do not be a shelf clearer. This is when you buy every product on the shelf leaving nothing for the next person. For an example on Extreme Couponing premiere a women bought over 100 candy bars and when a gentlemen asked for one she said “NO”. Think of other people who also want to be able to get the great deal you just got. Share the savings.

Try not to go shopping during peak times. If you are planning to do a big coupon shopping order it is a nice courtesy to go when you will not hold up the line.

Treat the cashier with respect. It’s possible you know more about coupon policies than they do. If there is a problem and you know the coupon should work, ask politely to speak with a manager.

Follow the rules. Before you hand over a stack of coupons, make sure they are not expired.
I always tell people that there are coupons all over the store you just need to keep your eyes open. If you see a tearpad or blinkie coupons don’t take all of them. Let other customers get in on the deal.

Read the wording on the coupon. Manufacturer’s usually put a picture of their most expensive product on the coupon to make you think that is what you have to buy. If you read the terms on the coupon it may say “save on ANY brand of so called product”. This means you can buy the least expensive product or smallest size. If it doesn’t state a certain size a coupon might have the best value on travel sizes which every store sells.

Stand up for yourself. If you are using coupons correctly then shop with confidence. It is your money and you should not feel bad about being a smart shopper!

At the end of the month or the beginning of a new month P&G puts out a nice allotment of coupons. This week is a good week to get at least two Sunday papers.

CVS Deal:
Scope Mouthwash on sale $4.49 use $2 coupon from paper and receive $1.50 in extracare bucks making the final price just 99 cents.

Purchase three bottles of Tide detergent, three Puffs tissue boxes and Charmin big roll 16pk all for $30.88 use $2 Tide coupon, 25 cents Puff coupon, 25 cents Charmin coupon and receive $10 in extracare bucks making the final price just $18.38.

Walgreens Deal:
On sale this week Nivea Lip Care two for $4 use $3 coupon from paper making each only 50 cents.

Rite Aid Deal:
Pert Plus on sale for $3 use $1 coupon from paper and receive $2 in UPs reward making final price FREE. Purchase Scope mouthwash for $4 use $2 coupon from paper and receive $2 in UPs reward plus send in for $1.50 Rite-Aid single check rebate making the final price a moneymaker.
Get Woolite Oxy Deep Carpet Cleaner for free with mail-in rebate offer.

Does your hair have a mind of its own? Bring it to life in a create video for your chance to star in a Dove TV ad. Everyone who submits an eligible video gets a free full size Dove product.

Free initial health exam for new clients at any VCA Animal Hospital coupon. Good for up to two dogs and two dogs per household.

Instead of giving candy this Halloween purchase Big Boy Halloween coupons 8 for $1 (over $30 value). Each coupon offers a choice of eight Kid’s Mini Meals.

On October 28, International House of Pancakes is giving away a free Scary Face Pancake to children 12 and under. The offer is good from 7am to 10pm (one per child).

Join Chick-fil-A for an early dinner, and then stick around to play an exciting game of Bingo for ages 60 plus. Get a free entrée with any purchase on first Tuesday of every month at Chick-fil-A Turfland Mall starting at 3pm to 5pm plus Chick-fil-A on Nicholasville Road offers Prime Time Bingo first Thursday of every month starting at 3pm to 5pm.

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