Sunday, December 25, 2011

Frugal Column December 25,2011

A friend wrote a letter and said all she wants for Christmas is for all her friends and family to be happy. I wish all my readers which I think of as my friend a happy holiday but true personal happiness. Merry Christmas!

The day is here no more holiday spending. When everyone was opening your gifts did you see the wide eyes of surprise and glee that you expected? At the end of the day did you have a bout of buying remorse? Buyer’s remorse is basically a self-induced, purchase related guilt trip. It is said that you will experience these guilt trips many times in your life. Let’s think back why you purchased the items you did. I am talking about those high ticket items that you were not planning on buying until you walked into the store and saw the display. I know everyone would like to get the biggest and the best but are you really just trying to beat the other gift givers. Many of us believe that when you give something expensive it will make up for any misgivings you have done or said throughout the year. You can stop yourself from ever having buyer’s remorse with a few simple steps.
1. If you are purchasing something for over $100 wait and think about it. Maybe ask a friend or your spouse not for permission but for some advice. They will be honest with you by telling you if you really do need to have it.
2. Research your purchase before you buy it. Assess its benefits, understand what you need and make sure it fits into your budget.
3. Is it an emotionally charged purchase? Ask yourself why you are buying it. Is it because you want to reward yourself or maybe you are having a bad day. If that is the reason put it back it won’t make you feel better the next day.
4. Once again work from a list. This will stop any impulse buying.
I myself have fallen to buyer’s remorse the worst one is the people at the kiosks in the mall. Yes, I bought the hand soap and I can’t tell you why. I have learned from my mistakes but I will return my purchases if I can unfortunately not the hand soap. If you buy the item bring it home and wait a day to open the package or remove any tags. The next day re-look at your purchases to see if you still want them. If you can’t return them you can always re-gift the item. What this means is maybe you don’t really need it but you know of someone whose birthday is coming up that would love it. Be creative and get rid of your guilt items. Once you have decided on your item and made your purchase get out of the store! Don’t look around and don’t spend the next week trying to find a better price. You bought it, did your research and you can feel good about it. Enjoy the fruit of your labors or the gifts that you have given to others. Happy Holidays.

Blockbuster is giving away free batteries on Christmas Day until supplies last. Blockbuster will power up those Christmas toys with two packs of either AA or AAA batteries. And for those with even more needs, additional battery packs will be available for only $0.99.

Get your holiday family photos together to make a beautiful photo book from Snapfish. When you buy one classic cover or custom cover book you will get two for FREE (up to $90 savings) just enter promotional code YOURBOOKS good until Monday, December 26, 2011. They can be three different books, or three of the same, just make sure they are the same size and style. You do have to pay shipping and handling.

HP is offering many free printables for New Year’s. These include activity pages for kids, party invitations, holiday cards and letters.

Receive a complimentary 2012 Bird Watching Calendar from The CornellLab of Ornithology.

Free coupon for Jr. Jamocha Shake at Arby’s

Free belt wear gauge from Gates Program. Test your car for proper wear.

Sign up for Hertz #1 Club Gold the fastest way to rent a car for free. This is a $60 membership fee that is being waived until March 31, 2012.

If you missed any of your holiday deliveries and had to pick them up yourself at UPS, check out their new service UPS MY CHOICE. This service is free and enables you to get delivery alerts before your package arrives and electronically authorize packages for drop off.

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