Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Frugal Forum January 4, 2012

This is going to be a little work but will be worth it for any Kroger shopper. Go to and click on save more with digital coupons. Add any P&G coupons to your card. Tell 4 friends, and P&G will instantly load an additional $4 to your shopper card. Use this with the mega deal for a huge savings. Remember you cannot use a paper coupon and a digital coupon for the same items and the digital coupon will come off first. Also digital coupons do not double.
Load the $2 Tide coupon, $3 Pantene coupon, $1 Gain coupon and $1 Charmin coupon and it should cover you. I have not tested this yet but it is right on their website so it should work.

I also want to mention about the deal I posted for the Visa Vanilla Gift Card. I think Rite Aid has pulled item from their $20 +UPs reward deal. I would advise not to try it. Sorry. Unfortunately good things do have to come to an end.

January Blue Bunny $1 coupon off any one 1.75 quart Premium Ice Cream

Get 1 Free Play-Doh 4 pack of Colors coupon when you purchase two 4packs of Play-Doh
40 cents on three cans of Campbell soups (cold day today soup would be great for lunch)
50 cents on two packages of Kraft Shredded Cheese products (don’t see coupons for this often)
High value $1 coupon on Soft Scrub cleaner

Like Green Tea with Superfruit on their facebook page for a free sample

Show your support of The American Heart Association with a free red dress pin when you like them on their facebook page

Another free Disney Movie Code for 50 points HPNY17635JDT- even if you think I don’t have little kids why would I sign up for this they have other great rewards just like the free popcorn coupon I received last week.

I couldn’t get this to work I think it is just slow. If you share the post with three friends you will get a $1 Barilla Pasta coupon. Right now Barilla Pasta is on sale at Kroger for $1.

Head over and request a free sample cup of Meow Mix Pate Toppers and a $1 off coupon. You must copy and paste this link:

Here is another free card from when you use promotional code CSTHANKS112 during checkout. There is an limited amount of cards available so I would do this now. I just sent my hubbie a Valentine’s Day card for FREE. Make sure when you check out don’t put in a credit card just go to the bottom of the page and put in promotional code it will bring the price down to zero.

Print out now Buy one Crush soda 20 oz bottle get one free coupon. (under beverage)

Payless just released a new online promotional code that takes of $2 on your purchase of $2.01 or more just enter code 27662. Could get a great pair of socks or one of their sale items. You should be able to ship to closest store for free shipping.

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