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Frugal Forum January 20, 2013

January is National Get Organized Month. Let use the new year as a fresh start to getting organized. One of your first steps is reducing clutter. The definition of clutter is things scattered in disorder. Stuff can be holding an emotional bond that makes it hard to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Let’s start getting the three most cluttered spaces in your home, the bedroom closet, home office desk, and junk drawer in order. Being realistic in your goal is a must.

Your bedroom closet represents many different times in your life from your skinny time and clothes you purchased during an emotional time making this task very emotional.

1.    Set aside anything you haven’t worn or used in a year. Feel good about donating what you don’t want plus get a receipt for your taxes. If something is ruined just send it to the scrape pile. You might want a impartial friend to be on hand to give you the truth about how things actually look on  you.

2.    Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. If you are trying to lose weight keep one or two articles of clothing to inspire you but that is it.

3.    If you are a little bit leery about get rid of certain pieces box them up and if you haven’t touched that box in a year – donate them.

Keeping your closet organized can be very easy by hanging items by your personal preference. You can keep all your shirts, skirts, dresses or pants together or organize them by colors.

Let’s look at your home office. Is your desk full of papers, mail, catalogs and magazines that you have been planning on reading? Start with the simple task of reducing the junk mail that comes in everyday. You can request to be removed from mailing lists by contacting the Direct Marketing Association for a charge of one dollar. Find out more information by going to their website at You can also request to be removed from credit card solicitors by going to This website allows you to choose to stop receiving prescreened credit offers for a five-year period.

1.    Divide papers into three categories, thing that you need to get to now, things you have time to look at and what you are finished looking at. This will give you a direction of what to start with.

2.    Go to the IRS website to learn what records you should be keeping and for how long.

Having a junk drawer doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just remember it isn’t a catch all for everything that does have a place in your house. The junk drawer represents the items that you use often, are small and don’t want to lose or just need it but don’t have any other place for it.


Baskin-Robbins announces it is celebrating 2013 with a weekly Buy One Get One Free Two-Scoop Sundae offer! Every Wednesday through the end of March, ice cream lovers who purchase a “Build Your Own” Two-Scoop Sundae will receive another Two-Scoop Sundae for free

January 19th is National Popcorn Day and Cinemark theatres is giving a $2 off popcorn coupon when you like them on their facebook page

In honor of National Amber Alert Awareness Day you can receive a free download of the My Child ID software (a $30 value), With this software you can securely organize, manage and store your child’s personal and medical information for easy access.

Frugal Tip:

Each store has different coupon policies. I do recommend printing out these to have as a reference if a coupon is denied. Kroger doubles coupons up to 50 cents but will not let you use a digital coupon and paper coupon on the same item. When Kroger marks items as buy one get one free what it really means is you can buy one for 50% off.

CVS Deals:

Spend $12 on Speed Stick, Softsoap, Irish Spring or Colgate products receive $6 extracare bucks match with 50 cents Sunday Colgate toothpaste coupon.


Buy Gillette Disposable razors receive $3 extracare bucks plus use $2 Sunday paper coupon.


Rite Aid Deals:

Buy two Tresumme shampoo or conditioner use two $1.75 peelie coupon on product also receive $2 +UPs rewards


Gillette Disposable razor $7.49 use $2 Sunday paper coupon receive $2 +UPs reward


Walgreens Deals:

Cracker Jack'D $1.49 receive $1.49 register reward


Colgate Total toothpaste $2.99 use 50 cents Sunday paper coupon receive 1,500 balance rewards (equals $1.50)


Buy four Nature Made Granola Bar boxes on sale for $2 each

Receive two $2 register rewards

Receive 1,000 wellness points

Use two 50 cents coupon from previous Sunday paper inserts

Making final price just 75 cents each plus 1,000 points

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