Saturday, June 5, 2010

FREE Vitamin Waters at TARGET

I try not to bother people with extra emails, This one is a good one. This week at Target you can buy 10 Vitamin Waters for $1.00 each and get $5.00 giftcard back. I printed four of these coupons by hitting the back button twice. It will tell you when you have reached your limited. If you can get five of these coupons you will get 10 bottles FREE. There also is a 50 coupon on you should be able to use those also. Could be a MONEYMAKER. I don't know how long these coupons will be up so print them now even if you don't use the Target deal there will be other deals for these waters. I am getting off the computer now so there won't be anything else. Have a great Saturday.

Buy one get one FREE Sobe waters coupon

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