Saturday, June 5, 2010


Sorry to the readers out of state but I found these coupons only in Lexington's Beaumont Krogers
If you go to the meat department you will see a big sign that says $3.00 off pork products, under the sign is a roll of $3 coupons. Sweeten the deal by using the FREE Hillshire Sausage coupon when you buy any pork product that they have right with the pork products To finalize the deal go to the beer department and get the rebate slip for $3.00 back when you buy $10 worth of pork products.

Here you go for a scenerio-
Pork $10
Coupon $3.00
Mail in rebate $3.00
FREE Sausages valued at $4.29
Final cost for barbeque pork and sausages $4.00

Another Kroger deal-
Coke products on sale for 4/$12.00 use Kroger card get 4/$10.00 look on Fanta products for a $2.00 coupon when you buy two.
Soda 4/$10
Use two coupons $4.00
Final cost= 4/$6.00

Buy three Twizzler packages get one FREE. You should also receive a code for a FREE Redbox Movie.

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